Join our Minecraft server!

What is the server IP address?

Which version(s) of Minecraft I can use to connect to the server?

Anything between and including 1.16-1.9

Are there any requirements in order play on the server?

You will have to link your Discord and Minecraft accounts in order to play, you can find more info about this in #minecraft-info channel.

What is the Minecraft server about?

It is a survival server with balanced economy, MMO like leveling and skills, tech and magic additions, some quests and NPCs.

Owner: Kirin
Admin: Cutie, Jenny, Neviyn
Moderator: Luke

You can get VIP rank on the server trough donation via Patreon.

VIP Benefits

  • Weekly and Daily Special Keys
  • 2x More Online Money
  • 2x More Mob Money
  • 500 Extra Claim Blocks
  • 10k$ Money
  • VIP Kit Access
  • 2x mcMMO XP
  • 2.5x Pet XP
  • 10 Pet Slots
  • 2x Jobs Money
  • 2x Jobs XP
  • Wings Access
  • Colored & Formatted Signs
  • Colored & Formatted Nick
  • Colored & Formatted Chat Messages


  • /vipclaim – Claim your rewards for becoming VIP. One time command.
  • /vipdaily – Collect your daily rewards.
  • /vipweekly – Collect your weekly rewards.


/dailykeyGet a crate key every 24hrs.
/jobsJobs plugin commands./jobs browse
Advanced Achievements plugin command./advancedachievements help
/payPays someone specified amount. /pay <username> <amount>



Changes your in server nickname./nick <new-nick-name>
/spawnTakes you back to spawn.




Deletes the specified home./delhome <home-name>



Teleports you to a home./home (home-name)



Sets your current location as a home./sethome (home-name)
/tpaSends a request to someone for teleporting to their location./tpa <user>



Denies the tpa request./tpno



Allows/confirms the tpa request./tpyes
/warpWarps you to specified warp./warp <warp-name>
/warpsGUI list for warps.
/tpacancelCancels the current tpa.
/kitBuys the specified kit. /kit <kit-name>
/kitsShows you the list of kits.




Previews the items in a specified kit./preview <kit-name>
/abandonclaimAbandons the claim you are standing on.
/trustTrust someone in the claim you are standing on./trust <user-name>
/untrustRemoves the user from your trust list./untrust <username>
/trustlistShows you the players you trusted for the claim you are standing on.
/abandonallclaimsAbandons all the claims you have on the world.
/xpbottleDeposit or withdraw XP.
/buyclaimBuys a specified amount of claim blocks./buyclaim <amount>
/sellclaimSells specified amount of claim blocks./sellclaim <amount>
/survivalTakes you to Survival world’s spawn.
Opens GUI for custom enchantments.
/mainmenuOpens main menu GUI.
Opens GUI for head database.
/questsguiOpens GUI for quests.
/shopOpens shop gui.


/msgPrivate message a player.



Reply to the last private message./r <message>
/rulesShows rules./rules




Show you your balance./balance (username)



Puts you in afk state or takes you out of it, if you were afk./afk



Shows you nearby players list./nearby


/nick <new-nick-name>




Shows you online users.
/helpopMessages online admins. /helpop <message>
/realname Check someone’s real Minecraft name./realname <user>


/delhome <home-name>
/home (home-name)
/sethome (home-name)
/tpa <user>
/warp <warp-name>
/kit <kit-name>
/preview <kit-name>
/trust <user-name>
/untrust <username>
/buyclaimBuys a specified amount of claim blocks./buyclaim <amount>
/sellclaimSells specified amount of claim blocks./sellclaim <amount>



Ignores a player completly. /ignore <user>
/ignorelistShows you your ignore list.



Shows you your MMO stats.
/mctopShows you top listing for MMO.
/mcrankShows you your rank in the server.



Creates a party./p <party-name>



Private chat for party./pc <message>
/quests book



Messaging for offline players./mail <username> <message>

Getting Started

You can “claim” land on the server to protect your builds. When you claim a section of land, other players will be unable to place or break blocks, kill animals, take crops, or open chests. Everything will be completely protected!

To claim land, you will need some basic tools: a golden shovel, and a stick. You can craft these items yourself or do /claim to receive them for free. The shovel is used for modifying claims and the stick is used for viewing claim information.

Minecraft golden shovel

You can create as many claims as you want, however, there is a limit on how many blocks in total you can claim. Players start with an allowance of 160 “claim blocks” and can purchase additional “claim blocks” with in-game currency using /buyclaimblocks. You also accumulate more claim blocks as you play.


Creating a Claim

Before creating any claim, we should check if there are other claims by other players nearby. To do this, hold a stick in your hand and right click to visualize all nearby claims. Claims are visualized using dotted lines of gold blocks, so look around for any dotted lines on the ground around you.

Once you’ve confirmed that there are no claims too close, we can begin claiming! All claims are rectangles, so don’t worry about the Y axis (height) of your claim, claims automatically expand up and down as you build. Just focus on drawing a rectangle that surrounds your entire home. Get an idea of where the corners of this rectangle should be.

Automatic Claim Deletion

Claims will be automatically deleted once the owner of the claim has been inactive for 60 consecutive days. If you are planning to be gone this long, all you need to do is join for a couple of minutes within those 60 days to reset the timer. Unclaimed land is fair game to loot, so make sure your claims are active and properly sized!

Resizing Your Claim

You can make your claim bigger or smaller any time by using a golden shovel. The process is similar to creating the claim. To make things easier, start by right-clicking within the claim with a stick. This will show the border of the claim so you can see where the corners are.

To resize a claim, right-click a corner you would like to move. Then, right-click again wherever you would like to move that corner to. To make things easier, you don’t need to right-click the actual block, you can just point your crosshair at the block and right-click from a distance.

Trusting Others

You can add other players to your protected area with various levels of access. To trust everyone on the server replace <player> with “all”. This works with all of the commands below.

  • To give someone full access to your claim (break, build, access chests, etc) do: /trust <player>
  • To give someone just the ability to access storage items, but NOT build, do: /containertrust <player>
  • To give someone visitor access (opening the doors, but not take anything or build anything) do: /accesstrust <player>
  • To give someone permission to manage your claim (trusting other players) do: /permissiontrust <player>

Useful Commands

  • /unclaim – Remove a protection​
  • /claimslist – List all of your protections
  • /containertrust <player> – Give someone access to chests in your claim
  • /permissiontrust <player> – Give someone the ability to trust and untrust others in your claim
  • /accesstrust <player> –Give someone access to doors and trapdoors in your claim
  • /subdivide – Create claims within your main claim that you can trust people to
  • /restrictsubclaim – Sets subclaim NOT to inherit perms from the parent claim
  • /trust <player> – Allow someone to build and use chests within your claim​
  • /trustlist – See who is trusted in your claim
  • /untrust <player> – Remove a player from your protection
  • /kickfromclaim <player> – Kick a player outside of your claim
  • /petkick – Enter pet kicking mode (right click pets you don’t want in your claim)

Wiki Link:(

Section I: What is McMMO?

McMMO’s main function is to incorporate an RPG-like skill system that players have access to right from the beginning. Depending on how much a certain tool is used or a certain action is performed, players will gain experience that will eventually add bonuses such as double drops, rare drops, or ability enhancement.

McMMO can drastically enhance everyday activities, such as mining, farming, or digging, where the special abilities can speed up the process and in some cases, give better item drops. McMMO is also widely used by players who like to partake in PvP, whether it be in the PvP world, or a private arena, McMMO is an opponent of its own and can affect the outcome of a fight in a skilled users hands. McMMO also has a competitive side to it, players race one another to see who can achieve a higher power level or skill level first.

Section 2: Powerlevel

A player’s power level can be determined by adding their total levels of all their skills (use /stats and /mcsb keep to test it out yourself). Some skills such as taming are not included in /stats, so a player’s power level might be ever so slightly higher than the total skills combined. The power level itself has no true effect, aside from being a goal to strive for.

Section 3: Excavation

Excavation in McMMO provides a passive ability to dig more blocks and find treasures buried beneath the earth. What you find is based on your skill level and the type of material you are excavating.

The drops that are found from breaking blocks range from glow stone dust to discs and can turn a routine digging into a great profitable excavation.

Since McMMO EXP was recently removed from blocks placed by players, the easiest way to level up excavation is simply a nice grassy place, such as a plains biome, and just excavate an area (10×10, 25×25, 50×50, etc). Another way is to just use a shovel to break any dirt you see whilst mining, this is something that could be done anyway, and now can train your skill too.

Active Ability
Giga-Drill Breaker
Right-clicking with a Shovel in hand will activate Giga Drill Breaker. For a short period of time, it will allow you to instantly break any block that is most effective when broken with a shovel. The duration depends on the level and server configuration. Giga-Drill breaker also awards triple drop/triple EXP whilst activated.

Passive Ability
Treasure Hunter
Each time you dig a block, there is a chance to obtain items you would not normally get from digging. These drops can make some extra money, or be used to craft some useful items.
Items/Blocks/Levels/Drop Chance:
Glowstone (Grass, Mycelium, and Dirt): level 25 [5%]
Slimeball (Clay): level 150 [1%]
Egg (Dirt): level 250 [1%]
Gold Music Disc (13) (any): level 250 [0.05%]
Apple (Grass and Mycelium): level 250 [0.1%]
Green Music Disc (cat) (any): level 250 [0.05%]
Red/Brown Mushroom (Dirt and Mycelium): level 500 [0.5%]
Cake (any): level 750 [0.05%]

Materials that give EXP: Grass, Dirt, Clay, Mycelium, Snow, and Soul Sand

Section 4: Fishing

Fishing is a skill in McMMO that can affect a player in two ways. Fighting mobs, and eating food.

The easiest way to level up fishing is to “fish” mobs. This means setting up a zombie/Skelton spawner and fighting the mobs to death. However, you can also fish for levels at a fishing tower.​

Active Ability
From fishing level 150 and onward, the player will be able to shake items loose from mobs by hooking them with the fishing pole. It can be used repeatedly for a large number of items depending on the remaining health of the mob. However, this reduces the durability of the fishing rod drastically.

Note: The fishing rod, when used in this method, will deal one-half heart of damage per hit. Keep this in mind when fighting tougher creatures such as blazes, as you will not kill them as quickly as you are used to and potentially take more damage.

Ice Fishing
It allows you to fish in icy biomes.

Passive Ability
Fisherman’s Diet
This ability increases the number of hunger units regenerated by consuming fish. It is measured in ranks increasing once every 200 levels, each rank increasing hunger regeneration by one unit (a single unit being half of a piece of meat on the hunger bar).

Fish-able mobs: Zombies, Skeletons, Spiders

Section 5: Herbalism

Herbalism is a skill in McMMO that is based on farming. It helps with harvesting crops, gives a better use for seeds, increases hunger restored by farmed foods (such as bread), and gives a chance for certain blocks and crops to yield more.

Herbalism can be leveled by farming any crop. The easiest way to level it up is to farm reeds by not breaking the bottom reed. This rewards high levels but also required no replanting. Another way of training is going to a flower forest biome and harvesting all the flowers for fast leveling.​

Active Ability
Green Terra
Spread the terra, 3x drops.

Passive Ability
Green Thumb
When harvesting a fully-grown plant, there is a chance for the player to instantly re-plant.The growth stage of the plant is based on Herbalism level. Replanting will use one of either seeds, carrots, or potatoes depending on what was harvested.

Farmer’s Diet
This passive skill increases the amount of hunger herbalism foods restore as your Herbalism level increases.

Farmable Items (That give EXP): Netherwarts, Melons, Pumpkins, Reeds. Potatoes, Carrots, Wheat, Cocoa Beans, Lily Pads, and Vines.

Section 6: Mining

Mining is a skill in McMMO that focuses on mining stone and ores. Leveling the skill allows for double drops, a longer Super Breaker, a. Its special ability, Super Breaker, allows for faster mining.

The easiest way to level up mining is to just break as much hardened clay/stone as possible. Find an area and just go crazy, make sure to right-click to activate super breaker as much as possible.​

Passive Ability
Demolitions Expertise
Decreases damage from TNT and beds in the nether. At 500 mining Demolitions expert is unlocked and will cause all damage done by TNT to the player to be reduced by 25%.

Active Ability
Super Breaker
To activate this skill, right-click with the mouse while a pickaxe is in your hand, aimed at a mineable block. Upon activating Super Breaker, the user will be able to mine blocks significantly faster

Mineable Items (That give EXP): Stone, all ores, obsidian, mossy cobblestone, Glowstone, and Netherrack

Section 7: Woodcutting

Woodcutting, according to McMMO’s in-game description, “is all about chopping down trees”.The above description may be slightly misleading, however, as huge mushrooms may be felled as an alternative to trees.
Experience in this skill can only be gained by breaking naturally-generated (not directly placed by a player) wood (logs) or huge mushroom blocks with an axe in hand.

The easiest way to level up this skill is to find a nice forest, activate tree feller, and chop the bases of all the trees in sight! Also, some players have made “tree farms” these are like normal farms except made with massive 2×2 trees. This way is leveled by running straight into the trees and chopping them down with tree feller activated. This method is very easy and rewarding as well.​

Active Ability
Tree Feller
To activate Tree Feller, right-click while holding an axe and proceed to break the bottom-most block of a tree or huge mushroom. Doing so will cause the entire tree/huge mushroom to break instantly, dropping all of its logs/huge mushroom blocks at once.

Passive Ability
Leaf Blower
Leaf Blower is an ability that will cause leaf blocks (of any variety) to break instantly when hit with an axe. By default, this ability is unlocked at level 100. When destroyed using Leaf Blower, a leaf block has a 10% chance of dropping its respective sapling.

Chop-Able Items (That give EXP): All woods and blocks from giant mushrooms.

Section 8: Archery

Archery is an aggressive skill in McMMO. It includes passive abilities and can be leveled to actively deal more damage.

Archery is difficult to level up. You can level this up by shooting players in PvP and mobs who have not spawned from a spawner.​

Passive Ability
Forces your opponent to stare at the sky, unable to attack, and deals 4 damage (two hearts) extra.

Arrow Retrieval
This passive ability allows you to pick up arrows that you have fired at mobs and enemies in PvP. The Chance for this stat increases by 0.1% with each level of Archery.

Skill Shot
Increases damage done with bows.

Section 9: Axes

Axes is a PvP skill in McMMO that allows players to have more powerful axes when used in combat.

For XP you can hit/kill mobs (who have not spawned from a spawner) or players in PvP.​

Active Ability
Skull Splitter
Upon Activation (Hitting a Mob/Player): Produces an AoE (Area of Effect) effect that damages other mobs within the vicinity of the first for 1/2 damage dealt. No McMMO experience is gained from enemies hit by the AoE effect. This makes 1v2 combat much more effective with an axe rather than a sword. Useful for clearing out rooms of mobs.

Passive Ability
Critical Strike
Critical Strike is a passive ability which gives players a chance to do additional damage, up to 3 hearts if you activate Skull Splitter and with Strength II

Every skill level in axes awards a 0.05% chance to deal a critical strike, causing 3x damage to [hostile] mobs, and 2.5x damage to other mobs.

Armor Impact
Breaks through armor faster than other weapons.

Greater Impact
Deals Bonus damage to unarmored foes.

Section 10: Swords

Swords is a McMMO skill that adds onto the Minecraft Swords in-game. It adds the ability to cause the target to Bleed, has their sword do more damage with an active skill, and counter-attack melee attackers.

You can earn EXP can be earned by hitting/killing mobs that have not spawned from a spawner or fighting players in PvP.​

Active Ability
Serrated Strikes
25% damage AoE, Bleed+ AoE.

Passive Ability

Bleed lasts for two ‘ticks’ or four seconds, below level 1000. At level 1000, Bleed will last for an extra ‘tick’ (for a total of 6 seconds) damaging 1/2 heart per second, for a total of 3 hearts. The chance to apply bleed is 0.1% for every skill level in Swords, with a max cap of 75% at level 750.

Note: Players that have Bleed cast upon them when they already have 3 ticks of bleed remaining will get a bleed that lasts for 6 ticks in total. If you have half a heart left and you still have Bleed then you will not die.

If you apply to bleed to a mob, it will bleed until the effect wears off or death, whichever comes first, damaging at 1/4 heart per second.

Counter Attack
When Counter Attack activates, it will return 20% of the damage received and passes through armor. You must be blocking for it to occur, and the chance to perform a counter-attack depends on your Swords level; it increases by 0.05 per level. The Max Counter Attack Percentage is 30%

Section 11: Unarmed

Unarmed is a skill where the player uses their fists to defend themselves. At high levels, your arm could do more damage than a diamond sword in some situations.

You gain XP by hitting/killing mobs and fighting players in PvP awards EXP.​

Passive Ability
Iron Arm Style
Increases unarmed damage every 50 levels. The max is 4.5 hearts at level 500.

Arrow Deflect
It causes arrows that strike the player to harmlessly fall to the floor.
Arrow Deflect chance increases with 0.05% per level and caps at 50% at level 1000.

Active Ability
To activate this skill, right-click with the mouse while unarmed. Upon Activation (Hitting a Block/Mob): Increases unarmed damage by 50%. Higher levels do not increase this bonus but increase its duration by 1 second every 50 levels. Its base duration is of 2 seconds. If you punch a stone brick, it will also turn it into a cracked stone brick. Also, Berserk is helpful to clear a large area of dirt. When you punch dirt while Berserk is active, the dirt will instantly break.

Section 12: Acrobatics

Acrobatics is a McMMO ability that is leveled by taking fall damage. It allows one to ‘roll’, reducing/canceling damage on occasion, holding the sneak key you can execute a ‘graceful roll’ if you want a more-guaranteed cushion, and adds a dodge chance for halving damage.

EXP can be gained by taking any fall damage and is determined by how much damage you take.​

Passive Abilities
Decreases fall damage, sometimes to the point of nullifying it entirely. The likelihood of occurring is directly related to level, with a 0.1% increase for every additional level of acrobatics.

Graceful Roll
If you hold down sneak as you fall, there is a chance double that of your roll, for you get to enact a Graceful Roll. As well as having double the chance of a roll, it is twice as effective at reducing damage as an ordinary roll. If you jump from a really high height and hold down sneak as soon as you jump the graceful roll will not happen. For it to happen you have to press and hold sneak if you are falling from about 20 blocks or less above ground.

Half attack damage taken. Chance increases by 0.025% each level of acrobatics, 20% dodge chance maximum. The fastest way to level up is getting dodges!

Section 13: Alchemy

With a recent update, a new skill called Alchemy has been added to McMMO. This skill allows players to brew potions faster as well as gain access to previously unobtainable potions.

Alchemy is leveled by brewing potions. The easiest way to level up is to brew potions, but instead of taking the poition out, just keep rotating glowstone and redstone. This gives exp and saves time.

Passive Abilities
Catalysis speeds up the brewing process with a maximum speed of 4x at level 1000. This ability is unlocked at skill level 100 by default.

At level 100 Alchemy your speed is at 1x
At level 400 Alchemy your speed is at 2x.
At level 1000 Alchemy your speed is at 4x

Concoctions allow brewing potions with custom ingredients, meaning that players can now brew unbrewable potions. The special ingredients that are unlocked are determined by your rank. There are a total of 8 ranks. Each rank by default unlocks 125 levels after the previous rank.


-Level 0
Water Lily (Potions of Water Breathing)
Blaze Powder, Fermented Spider Eye, Ghast Tear, Redstone, Glowstone Dust, Sugar, Glistering Melon, Golden Carrot, Magma Cream, Nether Wart, Spider Eye, Gunpowder, Pufferfish (All Vanilla Potions)

-Level 125
Slimeball (Potion of Dullness)

-Level 250
Quartz (Potion of Absorption)
Red Mushroom (Potion of Leaping)

-Level 375
Apple (Potion of Health Boost)
Rotten Flesh (Potion of Hunger)

-Level 500
Brown Mushroom (Potion of Nausea)
Ink Sack (Potion of Blindness)

-Level 625Fern (Potion of Saturation)

-Level 750
Poisonous Potato (Potion of Decay)

-Level 875Regular Golden Apple (Potion of Resistance)

With pets plugin you can summon your companion to fight for you, farm for you, pick up items for you and carry items for you! They can also have beacon effects! Or you can ride them even fly on them! Default members can have up 3 pets a the same time.

MyPet Commands

  • shows all available MyPet commands.

  • Syntax: /petinfo [username]

  • shows the following info about your or another player’s pet.

    • hit-points

    • hunger

    • food items

    • behavior

    • experience

    • level

    • owner (only when pets isn’t yours)

    • skilltree

  • alias:

    • /pinfo

  • Syntax:

    • /petname <new-pet-name>

  • sets the name of your pet.

  • owners can use colors to make the name of their pets more colorfull with this placeholder:

    • <black>, <darkaqua>, <darkblue>, <darkgreen>, <darkred>, <darkpurple>, <gold>, <gray>, <darkgray>, <blue>, <green>, <aqua>, <red>, <lightpurple>, <yellow>, <white>, <magic>, <bold>, <strikethrough>, <underline>, <italic>, <reset>

  • Syntax: /petrelease [pet-name]

  • release your pet so you don’t have a pet anymore

  • teleports your pet to you.

  • alias:

    • /pc

    • /petc

  • sends your pet away.

  • it can be still called by using the /petcall command

  • alias:

    • /psa

    • /petsa

  • Syntax: /petrespawn [payorshoworauto]

  • shows the following info about your or another player’s pet.

    • auto with an addition parameter (Integer) determines what the maximum time is the player want to pay for

    • Example: A player used /petrespawn auto 10 and the pet dies and has a respawn time of 16 seconds. Now the plugin will wait until the respawntime is 10 seconds and then respawn the pet when the owner can pay the respawn fee.

  • alias:

    • /petr

    • /pr

  • allows you to switch between pets.

  • alias:

    • /pswitch

  • allows you to store your active pet

  • stored pets can be retrieved by the /petswitch command

  • alias:

    • /pstore

    • /pst

  • Syntax: /pettrade [acceptorrejectorcancelora <player name>] <price>

  • offers your current pet to another player.

    • <price> can be any economy price

  • alias:

    • /pett

    • /pt

  • Syntax: /petshop [shopname]

  • opens a GUI that shows the available pet shops

  • alias:

    • /petsh

    • /psh

  • Syntax: /petskill 

  • shows info about the skills of your pet.


  • orders your pet to stop attacking his target

  • useless in farm and aggressive behavior modes

  • alias:

    • /ps

    • /pets

  • shows all available skilltrees and lets you selects a skilltree for your pet

  • alias:

    • /pcst

    • /petcst

  • enables/disables the CaptureHelper

  • alias:

    • /pch

  • Syntax: /petoptions <option> [parameters...]

  • options:

    • healthbar

      • toggles actionbar healthbar on/off

    • idle-volume

      • set the volume of the idle sound pets make

      • parameters:

        • <percent>

Skill Commands
  • Syntax: /petinventory 

  • opens the inventory of your pet

  • alias:

    • /pi

    • /peti

  • toggles pickup of your pet on/off

  • $ requires Inventory with at least one row of slots $

  • alias:

    • /pp

    • /petp

  • Syntax: /petbehavior [mode]

  • toggles the behavior your pet

  • modes:

    • friendly -> the pet will not fight even when it’s attacked by anything

      • friend

    • normal -> the pet will act like a normal wolf

    • aggressive -> attacks automatically everything within 15 blocks of the owner

      • aggro

    • farm -> attacks automatically every Monster within 15 blocks of the owner

    • raid -> like normal but the pet will not attack players and their minions (wolves, ocelot, pets)

    • duel -> pets will attack other pets with active duel behavior within a 5 block radius

  • alias:

    • /pb

    • /petb

  • opens the beacon window of your pet

  • alias:

    • /pbeacon

    • /petbeacon

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