Crossdressing/Feminization/Sissy Guides

How to Clean Your Ass » A fantastic guide on how to get ready for that beautiful buttsex.

Lovense » They have a fantastic guide on the basics of chastity.

PinkFemme » A fantastic blog that will teach you how to be the most feminine version of yourself.

Pornsites and Hypnosis Material

Hypnotube » The best porn tube dedicated to sissy hypno.

Pornhub » Thousands of sissy videos out there.

Crossdresser Hub » Delicious amateur crossdresser porn.

r/sissyhypno index » Curated index of thousands of videos organized by the content creator.


Sissy Factory » Pretty fun blog.

PinkFemme » A fantastic blog that will teach you how to be the most feminine version of yourself.


Sissy Lover » They have got some great products.

House of Denial » UK based, they sell chastity devices.

Be A Bimbo » Products for bimbos

Birch Place Shop » All kinds of fantasy clothing and they are suited for trans people too.

Adam and Eve » A sex shop website.

Custom Chastity » All kinds of styles of chastity devices but they are expensive.

Lovense » Chastity devices.



Ali Express » Mostly china based vendors, quality is mediocre generally but very cheap.

Sissification Training

Bambi Sleep » It is an audio hypnosis series designed to create an alternate bimbo persona named Bambi inside your subconscious. Read the FAQ on the site to learn more.

Sissy University » Enroll in the Sissification Major with this interactive and well thought out unviersity designed for sissies.



r/Sissyology » An introspective subreddit for talking about why sissies are sissies.

Transgender Road Map » A helpful guide on what to do if you are trans.

r/TGandSissyRecovery » For those of you who want out.

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